Our core products are veneer cutting machines, We have a wide variety of them available, with all dimensions prepared, If you can't find any of them you want, We can help you customize the machine you want.

  • The machine is constructed by high strength casting and iron plate. Cutting operation is driven by mechanical working system which is single-crank pulling type; providing excellent cutting accuracy. Specially designed powerful electromagnetic clutch avoids unwanted second-time knife cutting.
  • Upward and downward clamping is powered by hydraulic operation assures cutting.
  • There are several switches for different functions on the control panel for you to choose from.
  • The millimeter counter can help you to set the size you need.
  • You can choose the single manual operation or the automatic function to cut veneer, It's optional.
  • The safety sensor insures operator's safety.

Specification 1800 2700 3100
A Cutting Thickness 75 m/m 75 m/m 75 m/m
B Cutting width 1800 m/m 2700 m/m 3100 m/m
C Cutting Length 600 m/m 600 m/m 600 m/m
D Front table length 450 m/m 450 m/m 450 m/m
E Table Height 850 m/m 850 m/m 850 m/m
F Total Machine Length 1600 m/m 1600 m/m 1600 m/m
G Machine Width 2700 m/m 3600 m/m 4000 m/m
H Machine Height 1600 m/m 1600 m/m 1600 m/m
I Electrical Supply As required As required As required
J Machine's weight 2900 3400 3900
  Blade Motor 5 5 5
  Clamp Motor 3 3 3
  Veneer feeding motor 1 1 1
*Technical data to change without notice