Highly precision ball-bearing

Highly precision linear guideway

Safety device to avoid upper blade fall down

Laser cutting device

Mechanical blade hook device
  • The highly intensified welded steel plates casing of the machine makes the exact cutting highly stable.
  • The hydraulic operation system assures exact cutting with extreme low margin error.
  • The ball bearing and linear for highly precision cut during operation can assure the silence of working plate movement.
  • The entire electronic engineering is controlled by PLC, the movement of computer controlled working platform is activated by serve motor.
  • Laser cutting device for the functions of bearing and alignment assures the fast precision cut.
  • The Hydraulic system equipped with the radiator assures the stability of oil pressure and the precision cut.
  • The electronic control panel with 8 inch TFT color screen allows for free size- setting to increase cutting capacity.

Specification 3200 3600
Useful cutting length (double knife) mm 3200 3600
Useful cutting length (single knife) mm 3200 3600
Cutting thickness mm 90 90
Min. Width to be cut (double knife) mm 30 30
Min. Width to be cut (single knife) mm 20 20
Max.Width to be cut (double knife) mm 530 530
Max.Width to be cut (single knife) mm 550 550
Total power installed KW(HP) 10.875(14.5) 10.875(14.5)
A Total machine's width mm 4660 5100
B Total machine's length
(include oil tank)
mm 3150 3150
C Total machine's height mm 2100 2100
D Total machine's length mm 1900 1900
Machine's weight KG 8500 9500
*Technical data to change without notice