• Machine seat is constructed & combined by high strength casting operates stably & cuts exactly. Robust Construction ensures stable operation and exactly cut off.
  • Dual worm gear, dual-arm cutting design for speedy and quick cutting.
  • Specially designed powerful electromagnetic clutch avoids unwanted second-time knife cutting.
  • 2000-point memory allows for free size-setting to increase cutting capacity.
  • Special sizes and new-system sizes can be keyed-in during operation, convenient for the cutting of all kinds of material.
  • New cutting size can be added to memory without changing the entire program.
  • Hydraulic operation assures quiet cutting.
  • Suitable for cutting paper, card, board, rubber, cork, veneer, leather and plastic foils.

Specification 2610CD
A Cutting Thickness 110 mm
B Cutting Width 2610 mm
C Cutting Length 800 mm
D Front Table Length 500 mm
E Table Height 850 mm
F Total Machine Length 2150 mm
G Machine Width 3810 mm
H Machine Height 1750 mm
I Electrical Supply As required
J Net Weight 5400 kg
  Blade Motor 5 HP
  Clamp Motor 3 HP
  Paper Feeding Motor 1 HP
*Technical data to change without notice